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Über mich
Nick: campingwagen
Name: Eric
Wohnort: Dülken (most of you have to google to find it, have fun searching for ;))
Geschlecht: männlich
Alter: 46
Geburtstag: 03.05.1971

Ok, i start my vita here:
Name: Eric Lüning-Winnertz
Born: 3rd May 1971 in Viersen/Germany
My mother died one year ago, my father died two years ago - i got one brother, he was born 1967, but we dont have much contact.
When i was 13 years old i started to smoke, to drink and having fun with women - when i was 15 years old, i was a punk and become drunken every day, smoked weed until i become 30 years; i tried lots of works, for example iI work as furniture mover, , tiler, slaughterer, locksmith and some others. Then I learned electrician, but have not found a job. Finally, I made a second training as a Paralegal and have worked in the profession 16 years.
When i was twenty years old i was listening to trance and techno music, used the drugs everyone used, visited the love parade in Berlin and do lots of other crazy stuff.
For twenty years I have been with my wife, ten years ago, we have a son get (Ben) and we got married. Six years ago, we got a daughter (Greta).
Next month I'm going to start working again as a measurement assistant for a few days a week.
Normally I use my computer in order to make music, some of the songs on the VSD servers were by me (and my friend). Some of the songs you can find here:
Before I started with Trackmania three years ago, I played for a while Need for Speed World - Trackmania I came in that the need for speed server too often were offline.
Questions about me? Just ask, maybe i will answer it )

Job: many
Motto: go slow ;)
ICQ-Nr.: -
XFire: -
Homepage: -
Drink: vodka lemon
Essen: chicken in every style
Film: logans run
Musik: my music xD
Song: hyperphotobirth, orte 3
Autor: Stephen King, Markus Heitz
Person: my wife and my children
Sport: is Trackmania sport? If yes, this is my fav xD
Sportler: Ole Einar Björndalen
Auto: Lamborghini
Spiel: Halma? Chess? Nooo, TM of course
Spieler: best buddy in game: Babay
Map: no special favourite
System: win xp, win 7
Mainboard: Asus (never use others)
CPU: Intel (never use others)
RAM: 4GB - 32 GB
Grafikkarte: not important for me, dont know xD
HDD: yes, i have some HDD´s
Monitor: i have some monitors too
Maus: i use
Mauspad: what? never use xD
Headset: very cheap one (3,00 EUR)
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